Summer, Girls, Flowers

Amsterdam has been hot and empty for a couple of months now. And full of roses. No need to book a table to have brunch, no need to hit elbows with strangers when walking down your favourite streets. The city is yours to enjoy.

That was the exact feeling Alehandra and I experienced a few weeks ago when we met for brunch at Café George one Sunday afternoon. We indulged into coffee, eggs, toast and conversation. Then we went for a walk. We leisurely got in and out of shops, a blue pearl necklace the only purchase.

A photoshoot had not been planned, yet her smiling face against rows of jasmine and roses got me in the mood.

“Smell this jasmine,” I told her trying to come up with some sort of composition.

“Like this?” she said burying her nose into the plant.

“That’s too much, I cannot see your face.”

“Damn it!” She stepped back. “Better?”

“Much better.”

My indications were met with laughter, but in the end, it all worked out well. We had fun. And now we have these photos.

<< Post originally published on in July 2018 >>