City Portraits

Everything Pink

Today, enjoying the sun on Jharda‘s rooftop in the 9 Streets, a cold drink at hand, I realized I no longer had a problem with routine. Routine is no longer an obstacle between myself and my creative realization because the creative ideas have left me or at least they are on hold. So, I do not feel I am wasting time when I am not being productive, as I would normally feel. Because what else to do with time if not enjoying a sunny day on a rooftop in Amsterdam?

Then the idea to go to Westerpark and see the trees in bloom came. We sat on the grass underneath a tree and looked at the children playing happily in the park. I felt happy, too, for no particular reason. “Whoops! A cherry flower hit me,” said Jharda, and I burst into laughter almost immediately, repeating her words and imitating her voice. It was “raining” with cherry flowers and sunshine.

Life appeared to me as if seen through pink glasses today: the cherry blossom was pink, the cakes were pink, the cups were pink, the shop signs were pink, Jharda’s blouse was pink. And although I was wearing black, as usual, I knew I was pink, too.

<< Post originally published on in April 2018 >>

Sunday Morning in Jordaan

As Amsterdam is getting ready for the Winter holidays, Elena is preparing to leave. For her, Amsterdam has been just a temporary home away from home, one that she says she will definitely miss.

I asked if she would like me to take some photos of her in those places in the city she loved most. She accepted happily and guess what location she picked? The Jordaan, of course!

It has been lovely to walk on those cosy little streets in what it is considered to be the most picturesque part of Amsterdam, especially when the city seemed to be still asleep after a long Saturday night.

<< Post originally published on in December 2014 >>

Paris Visits Amsterdam

It`s soon a month since the visit of Iza, Georgiana and Paula to Amsterdam. Nico and I were the hosts and, needless to say, it`s been a real pleasure to have them here and enjoy a beautiful sunny weekend together.

The girls – Romanian expats living in the French capital – brought with them a considerable dose of Parisian charm, so it was almost impossible to turn my camera away from them during our strolls in Jordaan, De Pijp, or Museum Quarter.

<< Post originally published on in April 2016 >>

Ana & Cashmere

“I’m not a model, I’m an actress,” she said, smiling yet with conviction, as we were taking some photos down the streets of Jordaan the other day. The sky was grey and the chances of rain soon materialised into raindrops.

Ana of Amsterdive (yes, she is also very fond of writing) was the first person to come to my mind when planning this photo shoot for a cashmere brand. The expressive features and the dedication of this Portuguese lady who traded Lisbon for Amsterdam, seemed to be exactly what I needed.

And I was right. From the very moment we started, Ana was on a mission: we had two hours to shoot and she was determined to get the best out of it. Cold? Rain? She couldn’t care less. If anything’s ever going to interfere with her plans, it’s not going to be the weather.

We only stopped to recharge our batteries with a ginger shot and some soup at The Cold Pressed Juicery on Prinsengracht. They were kind enough to let us take some photos on their location, as well.

When we were done with the shooting, Ana – the model, the actress – had to rush back home. It was Ana the writer time.

<< Post originally published on in October 2016 >>

Summer, Girls, Flowers

Amsterdam has been hot and empty for a couple of months now. And full of roses. No need to book a table to have brunch, no need to hit elbows with strangers when walking down your favourite streets. The city is yours to enjoy.

That was the exact feeling Alehandra and I experienced a few weeks ago when we met for brunch at Café George one Sunday afternoon. We indulged into coffee, eggs, toast and conversation. Then we went for a walk. We leisurely got in and out of shops, a blue pearl necklace the only purchase.

A photoshoot had not been planned, yet her smiling face against rows of jasmine and roses got me in the mood.

“Smell this jasmine,” I told her trying to come up with some sort of composition.

“Like this?” she said burying her nose into the plant.

“That’s too much, I cannot see your face.”

“Damn it!” She stepped back. “Better?”

“Much better.”

My indications were met with laughter, but in the end, it all worked out well. We had fun. And now we have these photos.

<< Post originally published on in July 2018 >>