Ana & Cashmere

“I’m not a model, I’m an actress,” she said, smiling yet with conviction, as we were taking some photos down the streets of Jordaan the other day. The sky was grey and the chances of rain soon materialised into raindrops.

Ana of Amsterdive (yes, she is also very fond of writing) was the first person to come to my mind when planning this photo shoot for a cashmere brand. The expressive features and the dedication of this Portuguese lady who traded Lisbon for Amsterdam, seemed to be exactly what I needed.

And I was right. From the very moment we started, Ana was on a mission: we had two hours to shoot and she was determined to get the best out of it. Cold? Rain? She couldn’t care less. If anything’s ever going to interfere with her plans, it’s not going to be the weather.

We only stopped to recharge our batteries with a ginger shot and some soup at The Cold Pressed Juicery on Prinsengracht. They were kind enough to let us take some photos on their location, as well.

When we were done with the shooting, Ana – the model, the actress – had to rush back home. It was Ana the writer time.

<< Post originally published on in October 2016 >>